Quantum possibilities are yours

Accessing the quantum field to bend reality is simple but not easy.
With a few moments of practice each day you can unlock your full potential.

How is your energy?

Are you in Contraction or Expansion?

  • Expansion - operating at high vibrational frequency, inspired, in flow;

  • Contraction - low vibes: anxious, fight-or-flight, critical self-talk.

Over time, living in Contraction, a sense of dis-ease may materialise as disease in your body. Instead, you want to be in a state of Expansion.By using this app you'll:

  • improve self-awareness, and

  • learn to convert low vibration into expansive energy.

In doing so, you'll be more instinctive, inspired and gain insight to work effortless and create without tiring.

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Your work & your health

Your work and your health are co-dependent.
As high performing founders, engineers and executives we live with a high threshold for stress. Stoic. We wear it like a badge of honour.
We push through anything and joke, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.
Yet personally, this idiom was one sleep away for me. This woke me to see reality, the catalyst to seek the root cause of my near death event and ultimately designing the solution - the creation of this app.

Get insights

We live in our heads. By constantly thinking we are not open. We miss out on intuition, insights and access to quantum possibilities.
By tracking your energy and unlocking identified blockages you're on the path to accessing your full potential.

Science backed

Science underlies beliefs and writings various civilisations have held close in different forms for millennia. The applied common wisdom of sages, religions, gurus - guiding people to reach enlightenment and higher states of consciousness - have only been recently proven at a physiological level.The actionable facts from this research have now been carefully distilled and bottled into this app to ensure a woo-woo free zone.With this ground breaking app you'll be the first to experience the benefits.

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Founder's story

Hi, I'm Nathan!
Our always-on, hustle culture has bred ‘dis-ease’ that is a sense of contraction or stress into our work and lives. Even if we don’t recognise this as stress, this ‘dis-ease’ creates ‘disease’.
I know this because just months ago, in my prime, I was struck with a heart attack. A 100% blockage. In my recovery, I read all I could to find the root cause which led me to experiment with a true verifiable test, ‘pain in my chest’. I iterated on measurement and remedial techniques until I could manage a typical high pressure day without experiencing this discomfort. The approach and tools were found in places I and many would consider ‘woo-woo’.If you are like me, a founder, engineer or executive we're stoic and therefore most at risk.
I lived a life of 'stress' without identifying myself as having stress in my life. If you asked me, I'd say, "I'm having a blast! pushing myself to the limits every day and loving it".
In my case, that tolerance to stress meant that even after hours of my body experiencing a heart attack I felt no pain. So desensitised, I only could describe this sensation I was feeling as discomfort. I only acknowledged this as pain at the end of the evening; when I tried to sleep my jaw "locked up" and it woke me. Had my wife not stopped me, I would have taken a Panadol to sleep. I learned later that this would have been a fatal mistake.For our ambition, we’ll set aside all-else in the name of productivity, even our own life it seems. Achievement of great things is the end goal, yet most are not conscious that deep down the hustle life is exasperating the very blockages preventing this achievement. I learned this with pain as my guide. Let me explain that...After my surgery, I returned to my work right away but in times such as making a difficult phone call, opening an unexpected email from a client or even heavy traffic; I was able to ‘feel it’ in my chest. This led me to seek to understand what was happening physiologically in my body when in contraction, I read what I could find; and found the linkage. I modified my work, regularly measured my heart rate and blood pressure. It was evident that when I thought, worked or behaved as I used to (in contraction) the pain triggered. Now through modification of my thoughts, work and behaviour I’m able to measure the fact that I’m in expansion most of the time. I’m happier and more productive as solutions come to me without being ‘the problem solver’ through brute force.I've built these new work patterns, learnings and remedies into this app so its possible for you to do the same. This is preventative but will also unlock new found energy and abilities you never knew you had.My mission is to take the 'woo-woo' shroud off this knowledge to make it actionable. My goal is to make 'Quantum Reality' as simple as Apple fitness yet for wellness - a simple, clean, facts and outcome driven App that delivers healthy expanding individuals who work, live and create inspired, passionate and in flow.I'd like you to join me on this Journey on your inner self to improve your outer self.As an early adopter you'll get the opportunity to help shape the product for your and everyone's benefit.- Nathan